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Most people have few opportunities to live their lives as they can. As a result, they feel stuck, frustrated, and insecure. They live in relationships that aren't fulfilling, work in jobs that don't bring them deep satisfaction, and are often dissatisfied with money or their bodies.

Do you feel frustrated after investing time, energy, and money in self-development with no actual results?
Are you stuck in the same old routine without knowing how to create your new reality with deep meaning and satisfaction?


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My proven method

My Shamanic Executive Coaching starts where classical life and business coaching reach their limits. I go to a level of consciousness that very few can reach by themselves.

All aspects of a person's or organization's being are interconnected and influence each other. True healing, therefore, requires addressing the underlying causes of problems at multiple levels.


I work with
you on soul level. 


For your topics I use
proven NLP-techniques.

Energy work

I clean the blockages from your energy field.

Remote healing

We work together regardless
of time and location.

What my clients say:

Life-changing results

In my many years of experience in the "Shamanic Coaching" field, I have helped many people in their respective life situations and accompanied them on their journey into a new life. 

Anna, Pediatrician, Newark, CA trainee

"Since our first session together, I feel like I have been able to let go of some things, energetically and emotionally, that I have not been able to let go of in the past. This healing has allowed me to address, learn from and heal some of my traumas from the past and live confidently in my sense of self."

Gina, executive assistant, London, GB trainee

"I immediately felt a connection with Claudia. One that can't be explained but comes from deep within, a total trust. She is a loving sisterly and motherly figure all in one."

Martin, Ingenieur, Stuttgart, DE trainee

"Claudia was able to name (and resolve) many things that I had somehow darkly suspected; others were completely new to me."

Julia, Life Coach, Munich, DE Designation

"I had been living with depression for several years but had always kept it a secret and didn't tell Claudia either. I was really surprised that she found out. Two months later, I could stop my antidepressants, which I had been taking for ten years."

Richard, Managing Director, Munich, DE Designation

"After the cleanse, I felt a big weight had fallen off me. My basic mood is much more open and positive; I laugh a lot and enjoy my life more. I also feel that my spiritual horizon has opened up much more."

Martha, Logistics Specialist, Berlin, DE Designation

"I didn't know what to expect from our session, and everything that came up resonated with me. It all made sense. Many things in my life made more sense afterward. Claudia also gave me tools to take from this session into my everyday life."

Anita, Kindergarten Teacher, Linz, AT Designation

"Most of all, I've benefited from her pouring a can of confidence into my being that I can now feel and carry with me everywhere, and for which I am very grateful."

Herbert, Vice President, Cologne, DE Designation

"Whether more will come of it, you can see without stress - in any case, it feels good. I now regularly book cleanings with Claudia, even for my business."

My coaching programs

Clean your company!

I release your blockages so that you can start a new life full of joy, lightness, love, and fulfillment. 


Combining traditional shamanic practices with modern coaching methods enables me to support leaders and their organizations holistically.

I cleanse the energy field of your organization from negative energies and thus clear the way for a successful and healthy company.


I gently release the blockages from your energy field that keep you from fulfilling your dreams.

I will accompany you on your journey of self-discovery and personal transformation.

Together we find clarity, healing, and fulfillment.


Each of us is as individual as our origins and development. And yet there are themes that I encounter again and again. 

I have developed focused programs on body, love, and wealth. 

This specialization enables you to provide even more targeted support.


That's me!

I am Claudia, Shamanic Coach, and Energy Healer. Taking your life to the next level is part of my calling. I have been given the incredible talent to see, feel, and heal energy. My work combines my extensive knowledge of methods and development processes with my deep connection to the spiritual world.

With this unique combination of methods and tools, I raise your potential and realize together with you the fulfillment of your dreams. This includes transforming old wounds, traumas, long-held patterns, and beliefs and opening you up to new ideas, perspectives, and possibilities.

certified Business-Coach and Trainer

Reiki-Level III-Practitioner​

Psychic Transformation Therapist

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Manifest your dreams and embark on a journey to yourself!

Find out which coaching program suits you and how you will notice a positive change in your life after only a short time.

If you can dream it, you can do it!


Something has been left unclear?

Here I have answered some of the most frequently asked questions. 

Shamanic Coaching is a method that aims to help people achieve a balance between mind, body, and spirit. It combines various techniques of coaching with traditional shamanic healing work. It helps to release blockages, promote inner strength, and contribute to personal transformation and healing.

A typical Shamanic Coaching session may include personal dialogue, bodywork, meditation, energy work, and other shamanic practices. I go into a deep trance and work at the soul level for cleansing energies. Each session is tailored to the individual's needs and goals.

If you want to get the most out of your Shamanic Coaching, you should be prepared for open dialogue and be ready to engage in new experiences. It is helpful to deal with your expectations, fears, and goals in advance which you would like to discuss with me.

Whether Shamanic Coaching is right for you depends on your needs, goals, and preferences. It is a good choice if you are drawn to spiritual practices, seek wholeness and balance, or if traditional forms of therapy have not produced the desired results. 

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming and is a methodology that explores the connection between language, thinking, and behavior. It enables the conscious change of thought patterns and behaviors for personal growth and success.

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